The kit made to level up your sound

Get access to over a thousand sounds, created and composed with an idea to maximise your workflow as a producer. Whether you want to make a smooth, ambient beat, the vocal phrases are your best friend. Or you want to create something analog, the pedal phrases would be of aid on this scenario. From travelling to certain studios to record sounds for this, to brainstorming with professional flute players, this kit isn't just a multi-kit, but a kit which will level up your sound as a producer.

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6 chapters, 6 stories

Chapter I - Phrases

Being my favourite section, these phrases make it possible to create industry ready melodies in under 60 seconds. For this section I teamed up with some creatives who can do things which a lot of us can't.







Flute Player

Consisting of 400 phrases, apart for the help of other creatives, each sound is time synced, key labeled and have all been manually processed, phrase-by-phrase. The pedal phrases which can also be seen in this section, were created using the Microcosm pedal, to give the same analog sound of which you hear in the top songs.

Pedal Phrases

Flute Phrases

Vocal Phrases

Guitar Phrases

Chapter II - Drum Kit

If we're talking longevity, this folder is the one that does it! This section of the drum kit is going to be seen still used years from now. After studying drum sound design and how the most known drum sounds are created, I've put my knowledge into creating the next round of that. Ranging from hard 808's and unique claps, to bonus percussion loops to put under your beats, this kit has it!

200 unique, non-recycled drums

15 extra percussion loops

Pre-processed to match the sound of industry producers

Chapter III - Samples

Don't want to make samples or want some simple inspiration? Well this section has all of that and more! Placement ready samples, stemmed and key labeled to make your workflow just that extra step easier.

30 placement ready samples

Key and BPM labelled with stems for workflow

Used and approved by major industry producers

Chapter IV - One Shots

Being another one of my favourites, one shots make it easy to create melodies quickly, without using up much CPU space, compare to VST's. The recordings in here come from real analog synths, some thrown through pedals. Also real guitar recordings and flute recordings, authenticity was key when I was creating this chapter.

218 unique one shots

Pre-processed and key labelled

Recorded from real analog synths, guitars and flutes

Chapter V - Melody Starters

Lacking inspiration but want to make fire melodies? Well look no further. The 50 melody starters in this kit were created to make half of the work already done for you! I see it as someone giving you a slight headstart. Also if you purchase the kit, an email is attached in there to send the finished melodies back to Ellis's email so he can send it out to the producers he's connected with (Southside, Ronny J, 808 Mafia and many more)

50 placement ready melody starters

Key and BPM labelled with stems for workflow

Multiple genres to fit the style of various producers

Chapter VI - Bonus

This is a section which you find out about after downloading the kit. Varying of multiple items in here, the bonus is that icing on the cake to finalize everything that's already in the kit! Something to look out for...




Phrase Kit

Sample Pack

One Shot Kit

Melody Starters Kit

Drum Kit

Bonus Kit








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Frequently asked questions

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Is the kit royalty free?

Everything in the kit is royalty free a part from the samples. They're royalty free a part for major placements. More info on that in the "Read me" folder which can be found inside the kit!

Does it work in any DAW?

Yes! Since the sounds are WAv files, they are able to be dragged and dropped into any DAW out there.

Is there a free demo available?

Yes there is. If you search up "Phasma Demo" or just "Phasma", it should come up in the search results.

How do I receive the files?

On the final checkout page after your payment has cleared you will see a download button, alternatively if you do not see this you will still automatically receive a permanent download link in the email inbox that you entered in the checkout window.

What is your refund policy?

Since this is a digital product, refunds aren't excepted for any reason other than if it's accidentally purchased more than once.